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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

stay happy

At the foot of the balele mountains in Northern KZN lies a quiet little town from where one can create and dream without the unnecessary noise of the city. the home of bLy. stay. be happy. and feel free to be like you.

an early morning hike up the mountain to watch the sun rise over the town. a game drive perhaps on your bicycle (that's if the zebras has not already came by your house to say hi for the day). a town with so much opportunity to be abuzz with tourists, yet quiet and run-down in its ways, as if waiting for the right moment to blossom once more. the quiet invites one to think and dream and breathe and be.

it is from this beautiful town that tsure is born, and meme and jest and the angel pup - yin.

bLy is a large piece of land that overlooks the Balele Game Park and the beautiful mountain that changes its shades and colours hourly, some days even disappearing in the mist. the undeveloped land comes as a plug and play ready to transform into anything that one can dream of. the dream for bLy however, is a tranquil, pet friendly retreat for those who would like to escape the city for a little while, and even longer. a studio space and workshop where designs and dreams can become a reality, a place of peace and holding hands, rustic yet comfortably designed accommodation, a home to travellers, vegetable gardens inspired by fibonacci and shared kitchens are some of the dreams for this beautiful property.

bLy is only just in its development infancy, but are open for those who would like to visit us (free camping) to share their dreams and ideas. please contact us to arrange your stay.

stay tuned for more about bLy and its developments.

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