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tsure and the tsure trademark was developed to ensure a range of professional development services covered under those words ending with the suffix -ture. These services include, architecture, adventure, infrastructure, agriculture amongst others. (see services offered for further detail) The tsure company/collective ensure professional, creative and sustainable development solutions for your business or private project in a variety of creative fields.


The main services offered by tsure includes strategic planning and architecture, while considering a holistic approach to include the future, nature and permaculture amongst others during the design process. tsure will assist in developing a professional sustainable architectural solution and business plan, as well as creative and innovative names and logos for your property and/or business.

the japanese word ture ツレ means companion. tsure is your trusted companion for your development needs.


Landie Opperman
Founder and Architect

T: +27 72 388 5822

E: opperman.L@gmail.com


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bLÿ developments
home of tsure

home to travelers, artists, wanderers

T: +27 72 388 5822

E:  blydevelopments@gmail.com

jest (gesture)
non-profit organisation funded by tsure


T: +27 72 388 5822

E: jestsure@gmail.com

meme street
street food and developed products

T: +27 72 388 5822

E: blydevelopments@gmail.com