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the purpose of this project is to develop, grow and share together as partners, friends and community, while working hard, having fun and supporting one another in various individual projects that are sustainable and that make the world a better place.


the concept of UBUNTU applies to the project – I am because we are. Holding hands is the most important to remember and the work will be executed with trust and honesty amongst partners and with a sense of professionalism, while always understanding that we are all learning and growing together. Good people make good places and good places make good people.


nature should be considered in all endeavors of the project. Understanding the importance of protecting our habitat and also creating awareness about the importance of protecting and learning from mother nature. A permaculture and biomimicry approach is taken.


your project is grown together in peace and harmony and all parties will do their best to keep the peace and to resolve issues in the most peaceful manner.


the bly platform will be used in a respectful manner by partners to grow and develop their own product, brand or offering. The platform should always be used to grow and develop product concepts that can enhance the vision of bly. The platform is the home of tsure and ensure a safe, clean and healthy home for all involved.


product offerings are always of good healthy standard and maintain a certain level of quality that are proudly local and proudly South African.


project profits are used to develop the larger vision of the bly platform and to support jest (npo).


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