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This quarter bLy has been busy with new developments in the landscape, which include a boma to keep us warm during winter, while also extending our outdoor kitchen space into the trees. The outdoor kitchen will be fully functional come spring, ready to have movie and braai evenings for friends. the outdoor bathroom has been finalised and we are ready to move onto exiting new projects which include a green house for our veg which has been fruit and veggieful all year, with winter veg ready to be harvested soon.

soon we will be ready to receive camping guests for adventures in the mountains. Utrecht offer plenty outdoor activities, which include hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, game viewing, tennis and squash. for those keen to explore the broader area there are museums and interesting small town neighbours in under an hour from the home of bly. Take a drive to either Mpumalanga or Free State for the day and visit 3 provinces during one stay.

Maiki the kitten has also joined our family at bLy and is bringing plenty of love and warmth to our home at the start of winter. the frost has already dulled our garden and a cooold winter with possible snow is expected for the town. however, we are looking forward to the warm fuzzy feeling that only winter can bring, followed by the freshness and the beauty of new life and new opportunities in spring.

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Marli Moolman
Marli Moolman
10 jun 2022

Wow this is wonderful

Me gusta
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