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Filtered Concrete Building

professional architectural services

Welcome to tsure developments and thank you for choosing us to contribute professionally to the architecture and development of your property in a unique and creative way. Our mission at tsure is to provide good design and professional architecture at affordable prices making architecture more accessible to everyone. tsure offers architectural services up to stage 4.1 for the client, from where the client can either choose to construct or to use the plans for investment opportunities.


We welcome small to large projects and specifically focus on the rural landscape, to make architecture more accessible outside cities.

Stages for development can be selected by the client

STAGE 1:  Inception - the client and architect decide to work together

STAGE 2:  Concept and viability - the concept is shared and discussed with the client and the viability of the project verified

STAGE 3:  Design development - the project is designed according to client needs in more detail

STAGE 4.1:  Contract documentation - Plans and drawings finalised

Call us today for a quote to develop your property.

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