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the home of bly has been growing slowly and steadily in the past year with some help from friends and family and nature itself. half of the fibonacci herb and veggie garden is now complete and healthy fruits (including sweet red watermelons) and vegetables are harvested for delicious meals and for giving to neighbours.

the borehole has been completed and fresh and crisp water is feeding our veggies and our bellies.

minor infrastructure such as the kitchen structure and home roof structure has been completed and we are hoping to build more major infrastructure this year to really get more feet on the property.

the tsure collective is also developing and morphing with new ideas for the property and the collective business, although more creative energies are needed.

the land is green and healthy with all the rains, and the floods that affected Utrecht recently has mercifully skipped the bLy property by few meters.

Balele Game Park has hosted its first oppi-dam festival, which was a huge success and a lot of fun, with activities that included a very muddy mountain-bike challenge, raft-race and fun-run, while Auntie Val's Bloem street market across the street is also growing rapidly.

blessed are one to live in these mountains where one may freely roam with your pets on the golf course together with the wild animals and where there is always time for everything


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